Exceptional Pieces

Thanks to being able to meet with many shamans across the world who represent many different traditions, we can also offer you a number of “exceptional pieces”

A symbol of life and humanity

Skulls, Dragons, Pachamama, Shamanic figures, Animal Totems, Shells or even older pieces, Dans les Yeux de Gaia selects for you pieces of high vibrational quality from around the world.

Certain pieces have travelled through time and are available to find their new guardian so that they can now work with you thanks to their unique and highly spiritual vibration.

Once again, there are no rules.  You will be called - or not - and helped on the evolutionary path of your soul.

Pay attention to what is calling you to these objects. It is not the rare or old character of the pieces that will necessarily make it the piece to help you evolve and become a better person.  Maybe a more modern skull in the first instance is what is needed?  But this decision is of course with you. Only you are the master of your inner wisdom and you will know how to make the right choice.

Animal Totems

We also sell animal totems which are very useful for meditation, healing and linking to the Universe.


Guardians of Mother Earth, principally from the Inca tradition, this divine representation is perfect for bringing harmony to a place or to help a therapist in their work.

The name comes from the two terms:

“Pacha” which in Aymara and Quechua (Inca cultures) represented a universal whole combining the Earth, Space, Time and the Cosmos

“Mama” meaning mother

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