Who am I ?

My name is Bruno Soriano.  From a young age I always felt different to my peers; in tune with the universe via my heightened intuition and sensitivity.

Early on I trained in therapies such as naturopathy, reiki, shamanism and music therapy. Then, in 2013, I opened my shop Dans les Yeux de Gaia, a calm and zen location in the historic centre of Montpellier.  Here you can buy numerous crystals; jewellery and books, as well as other well-being products such as incense, candles and essential oils.

After meeting with different shamans from around the world, I received the message from my soul that I was to become a tradesman of crystal skulls and dragons and this is what I am today.

Of these vessels of knowledge and spiritual evolution, I work with three distinct categories: skulls, dragons and exceptional pieces or shamanic figures.

I will not sell you a skull simply to make a sale.

I know from the minute a crystal comes into my possession that its guardian will one day show itself to me, that I will meet them.  Otherwise the crystal is simply passing by me.

My job also involves research.  Sometimes I can travel kilometres to find a skull.  And when this voyage takes me out of the country and overseas, I use my contacts and connect at a distance to pre-selected skulls.  I receive the information being sent by the skulls and I understand whether it is for me to find their new home or not.

I know their origin, the person who carved them from the rock, and how they were carved with love and in full consciousness.

I also take real pleasure in helping you – the new owner - discover the entry point of the skull or the dragon in order for you to establish your connection.

And don’t forget, that even if it is me that brings this opportunity to you, it is you and you alone when in harmony with your SOUL and your HEART that will be able to find within it the right companion for your future journey of enlightenment.

Trust yourself. You are your own healer.  I cannot make the choices for you, as I am not you and you should not be dependent on me.

In the same respect, I also never give conferences or teachings about skulls and their activation.  This makes you are responsible for your choices.

Since bringing skulls and dragons to different people, I have had some wonderful exchanges.  I have witnessed incredible quantum leaps in the new owners, magnificent healings and beautiful spiritual evolutions.  The new owners chose themselves their skulls or dragons – or rather they simply accepted the call of the skull or dragon without their ego interfering.   

This is also why I offer payment plans for the purchase of skulls and dragons so that this call will not be missed for material reasons.

Be yourself! Do not look to others but look inside yourself and this will allow you to grow.  And me too …

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