Crystals skulls

The origins of the crystal skull are ancestral

They go way back to before the Judaeo-Christian era - an era which associated the skull with death and, subsequently and subconsciously, engendered a certain fear in the Western world with regard to this symbolism.

A symbol of life and humanity

Often, and wrongly so, we will associate a skull with a dead person. We all possess however a skull as living human beings, even if hidden under our skin.  The skull plays a role in the shaping of our face, our morphology and the image we project to others.  Moreover, the skull houses the brain, the motor organ for the human body and the guardian of our knowledge and our memory.

We also associate the spirit or mind to this area, the cradle of our emotions.

The skull is therefore more of a symbol of life than death.

The skull can symbolise knowledge, spirit and human reflection.

Hidden inside all individuals, we can also see it as a symbol of introspection and exposure.

In this regard, the human skull carved in crystal – the material offered by Mother Earth Gaia – symbolises above all life and humanity.

This crystal waves can also be used as an entry point to meditation, a channelling tool or for energy healing purposes.  Everyone finds – or doesn’t – their own use for the crystal skull.  One thing is for sure, they leave nobody indifferent.

How do I choose a skull?

You do not choose a skull. It chooses you.

It is more of a meeting.  The meeting with a crystal being.

Every meeting with a crystal is unique and individual to each and every one.  It is the fruit of an alchemy that is as subtle as the first meeting with any other being.

The meeting is not imposed. It is allowed to happen by us – a path of linking back together and homecoming.  Will it be you, the future guardian ?

Crystals skulls come in all size and face shapes

“Classic” skulls

round and human in shape with a gentle aspect and representing a real link with the Universe

Alien skulls

with an extra-terrestrial appearance and for people studying other life forms or simply feeling a connection to this other world

Stretched skulls

representing (more so that the “classic” skulls) knowledge and human reflection and thus help work in these areas

Animal-linked skulls

it is quite common for Shamans to carve an animal to the skull.  The symbol of the animal links with the symbol of the skull. These skulls are heavily charged in energy

Old skulls

mainly from South American traditions such as the Maya, Incas or Toltecs

You and you alone can find your companion and guide

Whatever the type of skull, don’t become too fixated on it. Simply feel what is calling to you.

You and you alone can find your companion and guide.  The communication will be directly with you.  The skull is a real ally and part of you.  It is even said that during our reincarnation(s) we lose small parts of our soul.  The skull is there to bring these parts back together.  It will take care of you, communicate with you, allow you to meditate and receive guidance.  With a skull, everything is possible.  It is up to you – and you alone – to do the work needed with this new companion.  This new companion can be in rock crystal like the 13 original skulls, but it doesn’t have to be.  Quite the opposite! We are all different and have different needs.  Let yourself by carried by your intuition when choosing your skull.  It is a choice made by your heart and your soul.

The skull works alone – or in a team with other skulls, dragons or Pachamama.

Once again, there are no hard and fast rules.

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