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Welcome to Dans les Yeux de Gaia’s website « Skulls and Dragons ».

We are a worldwide specialist in crystal skulls and dragons and other shamanic objects, and are renowned for the variety of our unique pieces, all of which are of high vibrational quality.

This website is dedicated to the special crystal pieces featured in our online boutique and in our physical shop in Montpellier, France.

about 40

exhibitions per year

Present at over 40 exhibitions per year right across France, the Dans les Yeux de Gaia team is also available to meet you and show you its collection of skulls, dragons and shamanic figures and accompany you in your new role of guardian.

We also have a physical shop in Montpellier, France.

Please visit our e-shop.

We work across three main categories

Crystal Skulls

The origins of the crystal skull are ancestral.  They go way back to before the Judaeo-Christian era - an era which associated the skull with death and, subsequently and subconsciously, engendered a certain fear in the Western world with regard to this symbolism.

Crystals dragons

Crystal dragon heads are companions along our way that can be just as powerful as skulls.  Maybe they will call to you too?  Maybe it will just be the dragons that call to you?  Or maybe they won’t call at all?  In any case, they won’t leave you indifferent and their beauty will arouse your curiosity.

Exceptional Pieces / Shamanic figures

Thanks to being able to meet with many shamans across the world who represent many different traditions, we can also offer you a number of “exceptional pieces”

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