Crystals Dragons

Crystal dragon heads are companions along our way that can be just as powerful as skulls.  Maybe they will call to you too?  Maybe it will just be the dragons that call to you?  Or maybe they won’t call at all?  In any case, they won’t leave you indifferent and their beauty will arouse your curiosity.

The Dragon’s Alchemy

The dragon symbolises above all else alchemy – a state of change, transformation and mutation.

It transforms everything, and notably the darkness into light, our fear into courage and our weakness into strength.

It can help us express those feelings buried the deepest inside of us – the image of the dragon that takes the anger inside of it in order to spit it out and transform it into sacred fire.

It helps therefore to transform the dark side present in us all (communication and character flaws) and turn it into light. It is therefore a great support for any personal development work.

Spiritual Evolution

The dragon is strong, courageous and demanding.  It helps us therefore to see things clearly, to undertake, to transform, to move forward and above all to evolve.  To resume, it is the king of metamorphosis.

It is a protective companion that allows for self confidence and spiritual evolution

It is of course, like the skull, a tool that can be used for meditation, channelling, divination and energy healing.  It is a companion that may speak more to some people than the skulls do, or act in a complementary way.


Whatever our origins, some people have a very strong connection with the Dragon Order.  Owning a crystal dragon allows one to express in every day life this sacred spirit of the reign of the dragons.

How to choose a dragon

Once again, it is the dragon that will choose its companion and not the other way around. It will accompany you during the evolution of your soul and will allow you to be your true self without the hindrance of the past or the weight of your ego.  The dragon knows how to get you on the right path if necessary, but also how you give you a big hug when you need one too.

The only rule to abide by with ones dragon is to communicate and share with it. Don’t hesitate to meditate with it, to talk to it and share your doubts and desires.  This is how it will work its alchemy and allow you to be your true self. A light being on the road to truth.

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